The Cake Alchemist.

Bespoke cakes for any occasion




The perfect portion sized treat; cupcakes are a delicious option for any occasion. They can be beautiful or fun.
They can be used to promote your business, to let someone know you care, to say thank you or to give as a gift. Made to your specifications, in any flavour, in batches of 6, 12, 24 or larger quantities for parties, weddings and corporate events.


Celebration cakes

Whether its a birthday, wedding, christening, anniversary or a seasonal treat. Cake is always a fantastic way to celebrate. 

If you can think of something you’d like to be created in cake form, I'd love to speak to you. I believe it’s the little details that make the difference and work hard to get things just right, so much so, sometimes people don’t realise  that what they’re looking at is, in fact, a cake!

Weddings - For most people their wedding cake is the most important cake of their lives so it's crucial to choose well! Couples now want their cake to reflect their lives and their love in flavours they want to eat. My wedding cakes can be made to uniquely reflect you and your tastes.


cake pops

Cake pops are a fantastic way to celebrate.

Delightful bites of cake on a stick which can be created to any design you can imagine.

Cake pops are perfect as a unique gift, an extra special addition to any wedding, children's party, corporate event or any celebration.